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Essays in Business Intelligence

Bowen Yang2014Ranking hotels for recommendation via generalized linear mixed model and Box-Cox modelD
Cai Cai2014An application of gravity p-median model with different distance decay functionsD
Shengqiang Guo2014Computation and application of the spatial zero inflated count responseD
Hana Hozzánková2014Modelling S shaped hazard function: A case of evaluating Volvo Cars training projectD
BarsamPayvar2014Optimization of Cable Cycles: A Trade-off between Reliability and CostD
Haonan Zhang2013Modeling and forecasting regional GDP in Sweden using autoregressive modelsD
Shuangshuang Xu2013Are innovative firms more likely to have high growth?D
Zhiguang Dan and Xiaoyun Zhao2013Is the p-median solution improving monotonically with a denser network?D
Qinzhu Wu2013A Computational model for Trust-based Collaborative FilteringD
Iman A. Mohammed2011Region of interest extraction for Automating Vegetation Inspection alongside railroads using Remote Sensing dataD

Essays in Statistics

Yuchen Du2012Modeling the Volatility of Shanghai Composite Index with GARCH Family ModelsD
Lei Sun2012Comparison of Different Estimation Methods for Linear MixedD
Cai Cai2011An Analysis of Cointegration Relation on Swedish National AccountD
Cong Li2011Modeling and forecasting monthly electricity price of Sweden with periodic autoregressive modelsD
Yimeng Liu and Fei Sun2011Analysis of calf sex ratio between semidomestic reindeer cows (Rangifer tarandus)D
Heng Wang2011Conditional Skewness and Kurtosis in GARCH ModelD
Huiling Wang and Xinhua Cai2011A Copula Based GARCH Dependence Model of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock MarketsD
Luchen Liu2011Apply Gaussian Copula to the Decathlon DataD
Wang Guan2011Reindeer Calving Dates and SynchronyD
Wei Jiang and Meina Cheng2011Comparison of the heritability values on pig’s teat number in two methodsD
Yue Wu and Xiaonan Liu2011Modeling and forecasting using U.S. Imports of Conventional Motor Gasoline data: an application of threshold autoregressive modelD
Ying Fang2011Assessing a double hierarchical generalized linear model and other shrinkage methods in prediction using highdimensional genomic dataD
Yujiao Li2011Forecasting the Swedish population in every parish using spatial-temporal modelingD
Yumin Xiao2011Incorporating gene annotation information into fine-mapping quantitative trait loci in genome-wide association studies: a hierarchical generalized linear model approachD
Aijiao Gu2010Detecting changes in X-ray exposure using quality control metodsD
Binyan Xia and Yongtao Yu2010Spatial modeling of demographic development in SwedenD
Chunshu Zhao and Yamei Song2010Applying Auto-Regressive Binomial Model to Forecast Economic Recession in U.S. and SwedenD
Eric Aidoo2010Modelling and Forecasting Inflation Rates in Ghana: An Application of SARIMA ModelsD
Yang Lin2010Wind power production forecasting: Nonlinear approachD
Xiangli Meng2010Modeling and Forecasting Hourly Wind Power Production in Sweden with Time Series ModelsD
Saijing Zheng2010Testing For Common Stochastic Trends - An application to Sweden's macroeconomic dataD
Shuai Ma2010How to Measure Pain in AnimalsD
Sisi Peng and Huibo Deng2010Modeling the Dynamic Conditional Correlation between Hong Kong and Tokyo Stock Markets with Multivariate GARCH modelsD
Ajmal Khan and Tahir Mahmood Hashmi2010Daily Calls Volume ForecastingD
Lei Wang2010Evaluation of Double Hierarchical Generalized Linear Model versus Empirical Bayes method — A comparison on Barley datasetD
Cao Lu and Zhou Xin2010Impulse-Response function Analysis: An application to macroeconomy data of ChinaD
Yang Han and Liming Zhang2010Detecting Major Genes Controlling Robustnessof Chicken Body Weight Using Double Generalized Linear ModelsD
Bei Dong and Lu Zhang2009A modified-likelihood-type shrinkage estimator for the sparse-response Poisson and Binomial GLMD
Christer Modin2009Short-term Wind Power Forecasting: a SARIMA ApproachD
Chengcheng Hao and Ba Zhang2009Review of the literature on credit risk modeling: Development of the recent 10 yearsD
Hui Jin and Xuejun Zhao2009Transformation and Sample SizeD
Jia Zhao2009Is production system important for survival times after first calving of dairy cows?D
Jian Kang2009Testing for Common FeaturesD
Yang Lu2009Modeling and forecasting China's GDP data with time series modelsD
Mengjie Han and Bo Zhu2009The importance of spatial aggregation and the road network on deciding optimal location of hospitals in DalarnaD
Weigang Qie and Chenfan Xu2009Evaluation of a New Variance Components Estimation Method - Modifed Henderson's Method 3 With the Application of Two Way Mixed ModelD
Xier Li2009Applying GLM Model and ARIMA Model to the Analysis Of Monthly Temperature of StockholmD
Xuan Lu and Kan Sun2009Statistical Analysis of Technical Information in Digital X-ray ImagesD
Yang Li and Xiu Xie2009An Empirical Analysis of Stockholm Bilpool Using Generlized Linear ModelD
Ling Zhang and Kun Han2009How to Analyze Change from Baseline: Absolute or Percentage ChangeD
Jia Zhou2009Modeling S&P 500 STOCK INDEX using ARMA-ASYMMETRIC POWER ARCH modelsD
Ziqi Zhang2009Analysis Skewness in GARCH modelD
Xia Shen2008Evaluation of a New Variance Compinent Estimation Method - Hierarchical GLM Approach with Application in QTL AnalysisD
Dao Li2008Residual-based Test for Nonlinear Cointegration with Application in PPPsD
Feng Li2008Testing Linearity against Nonlinearity and Detecting Common Nonlinear Components for Industrial Production of Sweden and FinlandD
Li Li2008An observational study of ECCO Finishing’s selling channelsD
Jianxin Wei and Ying Li2008Evaluate Decathlon Current Scoring SystemD
Ying Pang and Abdusalaam Abdurasheed2008Spatial effect on hunter moose (Alces alces) observation ratesD
Xijia Liu2008Testing for linear cointegration against nonlinear cointegration: Theory and application to Purchasing power parityD
Xingwu Zhou2008A Smooth Transition Autoregressive Model for Electricity Prices of SwedenD
Asrar Hussain Mahdy and Iram Bilal2008Defining obesity for children by using Body Mass IndexD
Qi Cao2008Can young skiers perform well both in sprint and endurance races?D
Junquan Xiang2008Applying ARIMA Model to the Analysis of Monthly Temperature of StockholmD
Xu Zhang2008Cost Analysis for Car-sharing in StockholmD
Xin Zhao2008An application of generalized linear model and mixed model An empirical analysis of Stockholm bilpoolD
Xin Zhao2008A VAR analysis of Nordic electronic market linkages D
Rui Chen and Yuli Liang2008Estimating Improvement Curves for Young SkiersD
Jianli Chu2008The Causal effect of Summer Job Experience on the Future UnemploymentD
Jianfeng Wang and Xin Wang2008Short-term Forecasting of Reimbursement for Dalarna UniversityD
GuoSheng Yang2008How Do Car-Sizes Influence the Booking? -A research on the Stockholm Bilpool in year 2007D
Ola Nääs2008Beskrivning och sammanställning av datakällor från Falu BilpoolD
Yushu Li2007Testing the unit root hypothesis in Smooth Transition Autoregressive (STAR) modelsD
Yan Zhao2007Nonlinear cointegration: Theory and Application to Purchasing Power ParityD
Wenjuan Hu and Liwen Liang2007A comparison of two tests for the detection of QTL - An example concerning chicken body weightD
Hao Li2007Does a Booking Fee Hold Back Members' Short Trip in Falu Bilpool: A GLMM ApproachD
Hao Luo2007Defining the reference range of 8-iso-PG F2a for pregnancy womenD
Chenlu Wei2007Testing Nonlinearity in Unemployment in OECD Countries: Using Panel Logistic Smooth Transition Autoregressive (PLSTAR) modelD
Wang Cheng and Viachaslau Naurotski2007Determining Price Forming Factors In Online Auctions: A Multiple Product StudyD
Juan Du2007Which estimator of the dispersion parameter for the Gamma family generalized linear models is to be chosen?D
Yuanyuan Han2007Construction of the Gamma-tocopherol centile during the Gestational Period: A Comparison of Smoothing MethodsD
Yi Lu2007Test for both unit root and linearity within the panel STAR framework: An application to exchange rates in European Union panelD
Shanshan Yang2007The Impact of Driving Fee on the Car Usage - An Empirical research on the Falu BilpoolD
Yiqi Yang2007How do the car locations affect the car-sharing members' booking frequency? - An empirical investigation of Falu Bilpool, SwedenD
Qiguang Gao2007What factors affect drivers’ choice between petrol and ethanol? - An empirical analysis with refueling data from Falu BilpoolD
He Zhang and Sanja Kukolj2007Effect of repeated testing in SweSAT for entrance to universityD
Huan Liu and Yan Wu2007Does randomly created relay teams perform worse than self-created? - An Empirical research on Falu Ski Winter GameD
Boyuan Zhao2007Gender bias in The Swedish Scholastic Assessment Test for entrance to university?D
Jinliang Li and Gona Ibrahim2007Efficiency of two sampling designs for SELDI-TOF mass spectrometryD
Tong Zhou2007Defining the normal range of a-tocopherol for pregnant womenD
Dmytro S. Yefymov2006Analysis of Structure and Tendencies of Qualified Immigrant Workforce on the Swedish Labor MarketD
Adu-Bediako Daniel2006Relative measure of chance and skills In gamesD
Qiguang Gao and Qi Cao2006The Forecast and Analysis of Average Income Difference between urban and rural residents C
Juan Du, Shanshan Yang and Hao Li2006Characterizing Solvency for the Chinese Life Insurance Company: A Factor Analysis ApproachC
Lu Yi and Gona Ibrahim2006Constructing the index system of Innovation-oriented country in ChinaC
Yan Zhao, He Zhang and Cheng Wang2006Factor analysis and the measurement of economic strength: A comparison of Chinese provincesC
Chenlu Wei and Wenjuan Hu2006The Early Warning Analysis of Unemployment in the USC
Sanja Kukolj and Yushu Li2006A Classification of Belarusian Regions upon Economic Development Using Cluster AnalysisC
Huan Liu and Yan Wu2006Relationship between government behaviours and economy growthC
Boyuan Zhao and Hao Luo2006Application of Statistics in Human Geography - The influence of geographic position on urban developmentC
Yuanyuan Han, Tong Zhou and Jinliang Li2006Short-selling in the Chinese stock market: What would happen with returns?C
Md. Moudud Alam2005Is it feasible to use MCMC to estimate a GLMM with a complex correlation structure in an R-environment?D
Jakob Wedman2005Smittsamma avdrag Statistisk analys av uppföljningsdata fråninkomsttaxeringarna 1999-2004D
Itrat Batool Naqvi.2005Test of dose-response relationship From a 4-way cross-over trialD
Khabat Abdulla Amin2004Förstagångsåkare i Vasaloppet - sannolikhet att återkomma!D

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